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Herbs Section

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Unlike other recipe websites, we strive to create pages with more than just recipes using the various herbs and spices. We research their history, medicinal uses, chemical properties, propagation, harvesting, preparation and preservation too. Unfortunately this takes time but we think it's worth it and the readership numbers seem to confirm this.

We do put advertising on our site to help cover our costs but our advertising is made to stand out, separate from the content, so you are not being tricked to click on advertising.

Sorry the page you want wasn't finished yet but rest assured it soon will be. Meantime, take a look at some other pages by clicking on the blue titles text below.

Cardamom - Queen of spices. There's a whole family of cardamom spices you've probably never heard of, with amazing uses.

Drying HerbsSeed herbs can be dried and stored whole. Leaf herbs should be dried thoroughly and stored in an airtight container.

Garlic - Used for over 2000 years, science is still finding how the various mild antibiotics in garlic work together to create one of the strongest antiseptics in the herbalists arsenal. Easy to grow every part of the plant is used except for the papery skin.

Limes- The surprise herb that we Westerners misuse as a confectionery flavouring is a prime ingredient in many asian dishes for it's flavour layering properties. How about a memorable desert for the connoisseur dinner guests for under a dollar per serve?

Herbs in history- looking back to the Middle Ages and some stuff you probably didn't know about herbs.

Chinese herbalist

We tend to think of herbs and spices only for use in food but in other cultures they are prized for their medicinal properties too.

In the Australia the average family spends around a third of their food budget on snack foods, most of which are mainly carbohydrates, sugars and fats. For families with children, this rises to 50% of the food budget!

We are constantly being told that too much sugar and fats are bad for us. Unfortunately that's only part of the story. What they are not telling you, is that starches (like you get in flour, potatoes and rice) is actually the way a plant stores excess sugar and when we digest starch, our digestive system breaks it back down into sugars again, mainly glucose. For more on this see the Storing Glucose page in the Nutrition Section. We store excess glucose as fat. The simplest starch is made up of 22 glucose molecules. Put another way, a teaspoon of starch can be equivalent to 22 teaspoons of sugar!

One of the major factors contributing to the obesity epidemic is our modern Western diet, full of highly processed foods rich in starch or carbohydrates. But you can eat well on a tight budget, if you know how to cook the cheaper cuts. 500 grams of blade steak is just as nutritious and 500 grams of eye fillet, but costs around a third of the price.

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In the Kitchen . . .

At Kitchen Headquarters we take a practical and holistic approach to cooking healthy natural foods in your kitchen, that won't break the bank. There are a lot of web sites that have recipes but very few that cover the basics and explain why we do things that way. We do!

We also cover things like preparation and general kitchen techniques. Have a look at our new section - "Using herbs and spices" for a foolproof process to make perfect asian dishes and fat free stews that don't taste like diet food. We even show you how to grow and dry your own herbs to keep the flavours in.

Classic Thai cuisine

In Thai cuisine they have perfected the use of herbs and spices to produce flavour layering - the diner tastes a succession of different flavours from the spices, one after another.

Today many of our foods are extensively processed with additives to enhance their shelf life, flavour, colour and reduce cooking time in today's bustling lifestyle, often at the cost of nutrition. Many of the basic culinary skills have vanished.

How many Mums today know how to cook beetroot and pickle it, make jam, jello or icecream with real fruit?

Nutrition - we go further!

We want our readers to not only prepare healthy food but to fully understand why it is healthy. Billions of dollars are invested by manufacturers every year to advertise their products, often overstating the health benefits and hiding the additives, toxins, carcinogens, excess salts, fats and sugars. We want our readers to be aware of the facts, supported by research, not urban myths, presented with the minimum of bias.

A starch molecule is made up of linked glucose molecules

Did you know that a starch (carbohydrate) molecule is actually made of many glucose molecules linked in a spiral, like a coil spring and it's far more fattening than sugar?"

No this isn't just another food site. It is designed and run by the Mimenta Group. If you have visited our other site,, you will know we don't run second rate sales sites. Our reputation for authority sites, free from hype, packed with easy to read information and high quality graphics is well established - over 12 million unique viewers prove it. Our writers and proof readers include teachers, doctors, lawyers and specialists in a variety of fields.

Coconut Palms

Indonesia's Lethal Food
Did you know that at least 1000 people die in Indonesia every year from falling coconuts? Worldwide, they are more lethal than sharks. A coconut can weigh 5kg and a coconut palm can be up to 30 metres tall.








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Shopping tips - get more for your dollar

Discover the sales gimmicks and tricks they use to prize that last dollar out of your hand when you go shopping. The trip home and the way you store your food can improve both the life and nutrition of your ingredients so we cover this as well.

Cut price quality ingredients

We show you how to preserve many of the gourmet ingredients you need when they are in season and at their cheapest. We look at sourcing ingredients from places other than the supermarket and even cover growing some ingredients at home.

Good food at home for less

Many young people today are not taught how to cook and suddenly find themselves dependent on takeaways and restaurants. Many of the recipes here are very basic for this group of people. Few food sites cater for this group. We also look at other ways to cook the cheaper cuts, for added variety, without breaking the bank, when you are on a low budget.

Knowledge Base

What started as a small venture has blown out of proportion. We have physicians, dieticians and researchers coming forward with arguments and ideas. We have kept to our promise and launched the web site but many articles that should have been a couple of pages long, have spawned many other articles. This site is a living and growing work and we ask you to keep this in mind as you view our pages: you are viewing a humble beginning that will grow each month. We'd love to see you coming back, staying with us as we grow.

The Products Section - Don't be fooled!

Our products section is not about selling you something.
It's about getting the best deal you can, when it comes to purchasing products - including the grocery shopping you currently do at your local shops. That includes shopping tricks to help you keep your expenses to a sensible minimum , examples of scams and tricks that retailers and manufacturers use to give you less for more money and how they make use of retail psychology to separate you from your money. We do not accept commissions from from manufacturers or suppliers for endorsements of products or ingredients mentioned on this site

Practical meals on a tight budget
With the Global Financial Crisis and declining employment, it's no use publishing recipes that require you to buy expensive exotic ingredients. Our meals are based on a tight budget. The few extras you may need will be used repeatedly so they won't go to waste.

Are you diabetic, overweight or suffering from heart disease?

We have the recipes, techniques and information that will help turn your condition around. Yes you heard right - "turn your condition around". Your condition is treatable and some of the damage can be undone. This isn't snake oil or magic beans - it is backed by proper scientific research, confirmed by double blind testing by academically qualified doctors.

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