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You thought this section was to sell you something, didn't you?

Well you are wrong! This section is about products in general; how we can get the best value products on a tight budget, which products are better (or worse), which you can substitute, which you can make yourself and avoid the value adding costs.

The Products Directory

These are the most commonly asked questions. Click on one of the links below to find the answer to these frequently asked questions:

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Some ingredients you might consider exotic and too expensive but are actually used in such small quantities that they represent a good investment. Some products we currently buy, can be made at home, far cheaper, presertive and chemical free and a better quality.

Many cooking and food websites have recipes for gourmet food and tantalising luxuries but there are very few like us, who show you how to dine on great tasting gourmet food, prepared with nutrition in mind, all on a tight budget. For example, I get sick of these recipes that tell you to thicken something into a creamy sauce by adding thickened cream. Cream is the fat (largely cholesterol) removed from milk. As if that's not bad enough, they tell you to use fat thickened with emulsifiers! Haven't they heard of heart disease, cholestrol, diabetes and obesity?

Obese bathers in the USA

Our diet and low energy lifestyle is causing obesity, we need to rethink how we prepare our food.

Maybe if they also educated their audience, they could help them stay healthy, rather than killing them off with over indulgence. Thickening with egg white, cornflour and milk or coconut cream are all healthier alternatives!

Kitchen Headquarters began with much prodding from friends and family after cooking for heart patients and diabetics in our restaurant and Bed and Breakfast. Many were amazed at the full flavour of our meals in spite of the fact they were low calorie, low fat and low in sugar. For some strange reason we have come to accept that diet food is either tastelessly bland or "rabbit food".

It doesn't have to be that way

Then you have the diet sites. I'm not going to debate the merits of one diet versus another. However they lose weight, according to statistical data, most people put the weight back on again after finishing the diet.

Many diets fail because they demand total abstinence from the foods we like. Over time we crave what we can't have and at the first opportunity, pig out on what we have missed.

Weight control is not only about food. It's about a balance between exercise or energy output and the energy we input from the food we eat and drink. Weight gain is a symptom that there is an imbalance. Today's foods are super high in energy from highly processed ingredients that require very little digestion (or in other words - use very little energy to digest). They are also high in fats and sugars, all of which are high energy sources. We need to rethink how we prepare these foods. Can we prepare them with less carbohydrate, fat or sugar without compromising the taste?

Asian food high in vegetables and low in fats

Who said low fat diet food has to be tasteless?

Working on a low budget - Today we have grown used to buying our foods pre-prepared. "Just add..." is one of the most common preparation instructions on the packet, these days. However, you are paying for that preparation. Although the work might have been done by the apporentice, the butcher, fruit vendor or supermarket owner will charge that preparation time out at full tradesman rates plus a profit margin. Loose veges will often double in price when packaged. A fillet of chicken will be trimmed smaller filleted thinner and have the thin end removed (for stir fry chicken pieces) to create a chicken kiev. The result is half the weight of chicken you started with plus 2 to 5 cents of filling and crumbs. However it will now cost three times the price and the stir fry chicken sold as off cuts, will be the same price as the original chicken fillet. In the retail trade it's called "value adding".

Today in Australia we have many families who are "under employed" - they have well paid work but are employed on a part time or casual basis and don't get enough hours to earn a decent wage. They struggle to support their families and have to resort to cheap junk food like a plate of greasy potato chips, for a meal. Have you noticed how the worst foods for causing obesity seem to be the cheapest?

There are many cheap cuts of meat that are equal in nutrition to the best T-bone steak and sold at a quarter of the price. But I don't see families buying them because they don't know how to prepare these cheaper cuts. They can make a delicious meal when prepared properly: an Irish stew will feed four adults for less than enough potato chips to feed two, bought from the local fish and chip shop.

We are entering tough times and we have to make every cent count. Here we'll show you some ideas to help make that happen.

Coconut Palms

Indonesia's Lethal Food
Did you know that at least 1000 people die in Indonesia every year from falling coconuts? Worldwide, they are more lethal than sharks. A coconut can weigh 5kg and a coconut palm can be up to 30 metres tall.

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Bar - Gold bar with Granny Smith Apple

How to make your shopping dollar go further.

Specials baiting - find out how shops can sell at cost or even below and still make a profit.

Hidden costs of Transport - If you don't limit the trips, it better be an amazing deal.

Discover various tricks- that retailers use to separate you from your hard earned money - be aware of these and your money will go further

Bar - Gold bar with Granny Smith Apple

Basket of Fresh herbs

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